Create Animated Splash Screen in Android

Create a new project in Eclipse named AnimatedSplashScreen


AnimatedSplashScreenDoid1Add the following code to the strings.xml present in values folderstrings.xml

Create a new xml file in the res/layout folder named splash.xml and add the following code to it.



Add the following code to AndroidManifest.xml



Now add the following code to

Add a new class in the src folder and named MainActivity and add the following code to it.

And finally add the following code to main.xml


main.xmlNow run the application and you will see a screen like below:Animated Splash Screen


  • geek

    I get this error

    anim cannot be resolved or is not a field in the line Animation fade1 = AnimationUtils.LoadAnimation(this,R.anim.fade_in);

    please help.