Google has announced an update to its map activity, Google Maps, for manoeuvrable devices. The update v6.1 focusses on listing for exoteric transit options in most 500 cities crosswise the orbit.


Google in a blog stake detailed the improvements that the update brings to the procedure force. Now Google Maps users can hold suggested routes and effort present for solon than 1 million public pass stops crossways the group. Google instrument also give inside directions for work.


“We’ve prefabricated any changes to the Installation Lines bed, so that you can superior a peculiar style of people charge (prepare, bus, ropeway or railroad) to showing on the motile map, hiding the remaining modes. This is helpful in areas where there is a binding density of individual types of people journey,” said the blog.


Mitt: Metropolis map with all modes of exclusive journey shown; Right: Journeying Lines sheet in Tube property


Left: Mobile map with all modes of public transit shown; Right: Transit Lines layer in Subway mode

Left: Mobile map with all modes of public transit shown; Right: Transit Lines layer in Subway mode

Moreover, Google has updated the layout of rank pages to be many recyclable. Open it by tapping on the name of the position on your metropolis map.

Updated station pages show you departure times, lines serving the station and the distance to nearby stations.

Updated station pages show you departure times, lines serving the station and the distance to nearby stations.

Updated send pages lead you feat present, lines serving the displace and the length to nearby devotion.


Apart from the new journey features, Google has also updated realm lightness, My Places and Activity History displays in Maps. Users faculty now be fit to see borders of a part. New tabs feature been supplemental low My Places that enables users to make all their collection from a bingle judge, also mechanism offline. The Locating Chronicle give now estimate users to nosh the destinations they jazz been on a regular component, with an updated Emplacement Account dashboard.


Google’s last edition of Google Maps is currently exclusive gettable for Golem platform. The lot will be propulsion out the update for remaining platforms real presently. Automaton users can download the update from the Google Endeavour keep.


The update to Google Maps become at a second when Apple is geartrain up for its own procedure pair. According to reports, Apple testament is releasing its self-branded procedure services in the next version of the iPhone, which is rumoured to get incoming month. Late, Apple declared dropping built-in YouTube app from its IOS 6.

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India has had its name of giving low-cost IT labor for long however the name could be in peril tells U.S. a study conducted by Cushman & Wakefield and Hurleypalmerflatt named ‘Data Centre Risk Index’ . The study evaluated “Data Centre Risk Index” i.e., the risks to international knowledge center facilities and international investment in business vital IT infrastructure.

In the survey, Asian country scored associate degree unsurprising second position within the most risk ridden knowledge Centre location among prime thirty countries, the last being Brazil. The center of world outsourcing over the past few years might not look therefore enticing anymore! This could ensue to India’s low score in “Ease of Business”, “Inflation”, “per capita GDP” and “Corporate Tax”. The recent grid collapse solely adds to such an occasional ranking of Asian country within the study.

Arvind Nandan, administrator, practice, India, Cushman & Wakefield says, “India and key Asian economies stay most popular locations for DCs and have witnessed a growth in demand attributable to numerous benefits. Asian country offers the {benefits} of price benefits and property of operations. We might expect the expansion to continue as this can be additionally as well as a rising domestic demand for IT services wherever net and mobile communication penetration remains moderate. Investment by overseas players continues showing confidence within the future potential of Asian country. At identical time it’s necessary to place in situ numerous initiatives for developing different areas like energy, bandwidth, rising business atmosphere, knowledge protection laws, etc., which might enhance the proposition for Asian country.”

More and additional firm’s area unit trying towards the Nordic nations to find their knowledge centers as they provide renewable sources of energy. Another excuse is also that the countries are blessed by Boreas with weather that is favorable for knowledge centers as they create down the cooling prices of the info centers.

The U.S. retains the highest position within the ranking because the lowest risk location to line up a knowledge center and UK ranks second as these data centers have the nice information measure, perform well in different tiers like tier one risk classes, and have the biggest proportion of their population finishing tertiary education.

The safest place in Asia to setup an information center is Hong Kong, the second being Asian nation, ranking seventh and thirteenth severally.

Stephen Whatling, international Service Director at Hurleypalmerflatt, said: “Indonesia, Asian country and Brazil area unit all thought-about growth markets, however with barriers to entry, regulated markets and high energy prices they are doing score poorly relative to the capable economic markets. Property is additionally a haul however as these markets still be invested with in and therefore the infrastructure becomes additional developed we might expect them to get on my feet the rankings.”

The Asian country government can ought to return up with higher policies and reforms to create India a profitable market once more for major IT firms. Allow us to wait and watch what the Asian country government will (rather let’s hope it will something) to revitalize the business vital IT infrastructure in India.

Let me tell you some facts that you should know if you like computers….Not sure if all of them would come like a surprise to you but i guarantee that some of them will…..

So, here it goes. Ten myths and there truths.

  1. The internet was a military network designed to survive a nuclear attack – The precursor to the internet (APRANET) was funded by a branch of the US defence department. Howerver, its purpose was communication between universities and not war.
  2. Al Gore invented the internet – US Congressman, Al Gore promoted the concept of “comms” as something that could be good for both ecommerce and education in the 1970s.
  3. Al Gore said he invented the internet  – What actually Al Gore said was – “During my service in the United States Congress, i took the initiative in creating the internet”
  4. Packet Switching was invented by US – Actually an Englishmen called Donald Davies who was working at the National Physics Laboratory was also developing a packet switched network concept in the year 1965
  5. The first ever email said “QWERTYUIOP” – The first email was sent between teo PDP-10 computers in 1971 by BBN network engineer Ray Tomlinson. It comprised the equally boring “Testing 1-2-3”
  6. Ray Tomlinson sent first email – The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) launched the mailbox system in 1965. It let users drop messages in the directories of the users of the same mainframe computer.
  7. Google Started Internet Search – The internet search tool was created way back in 1990 by compterscience students at McGrill university in Montreal.
  8. Netscape Navigator was the first web browser – The text – only linux browser was first off the mark in 1992, followed by NCSA Mosaic in 1993 and finally netscape navigator in 1994.
  9. The 404 error message is after a vacant room at CERN – Actually you will be surprised to know that there is no room number 404 at CERN labs in Switzerland. The 4xx class of error messages relates to problems where the client is thought to have gone wrong and the reminder is just a serial number.
  10. Social Networking is new – One of the first Social Netwroking site was The Well, a virtual community that started in 1985.

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