Jigsaw ransomware – want to play a game (deletes your files as you wait)

Jigsaw Ransomeware featured

A brand new breed of ransomware has ramped up the sport in an evil means by threatening to delete user files if they refuse to drop and pay the ransom.

The malware, dubbed Jigsaw, is one in all the newest entries into the ransomware family learned by researchers.

Jigsaw, otherwise called the at one time branded BitcoinBlackmailer. exe, was engineered on March 23rd 2016 and was discharged into the wild solely every week later. Once a victim downloading the malware, the harmful code encrypts user knowledge and creates a fastened screen rather than the private laptop, within the typical manner of ransomware. Users square measure then control to ransom and asked to pay a payment in virtual forex to retrieve their content.

However, in step with Forcepoint researchers, this ransomware not solely encrypts files, however it threatens users with a enumeration by displaying the face of Billy the Puppet from the worry flick Saw, victims are told files are chosen by the hour for deletion if the ransom isn’t paid.

The threatening notice says that in the primary day, solely a couple of files are erased, however following now, many thousand are removed on a daily basis for missing payment. If users try to shut the system or shut down the pc, Jigsaw tells users one thousand files are deleted on startup “as a social control. ”

Jigsaw Countdown

Jigsaw Countdown


Yet , the code isn’t specifically refined. As Jigsaw is written in. NET, the team were ready to reverse engineer the malware’s code and tear out the encoding key used by Jigsaw to secure away user files — moreover as find each one of the a hundred Bitcoin addresses accustomed store ransomware repayments.

In the video below, you’ll be able to observe however the ransomware behaves every system is compromised — and also the creepy message victims given to force those to pay.


The infection rates are tiny and therefore the come looks to be poor. However, the practicality of this new variety of ransomware remains value noting. As law-breaking becomes additional refined and tools are developed, even those with an absence of talent will take advantage and Jigsaw could be a prime example of however ransomware could find yourself evolving on a wider scale within the future.